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Grooming Your Cat

Grooming Your Cat

No cat wants to be dirty, and itís up to you to ensure that your cat stays clean. Grooming is very important, as it helps your cat remain quiet and healthy. Grooming starts with brushing, as brushing helps to keep the cats hair from becoming hairballs. Brushing will remove loose hair, and use deter the venture of hairballs. A lot of cats have stress dislodging hairballs. If the cat isnít able to get a hairball out, it could result in a blockage of the paunch. Blockages are very serious, and can quickly become life threatening for your pet.

Cats that have long hair exigency to be brushed and combed on a daily basis, while cats with short hair need to serve groomed on a weekly basis. When you brush your cat, you should always watch for lumps in the coat and skin irritations. You should jump off brushing along the catís back, going from his head to his tail. Do this a few times on one side, and then switch to the other. Each area should be brushed a few times in the direction of the way your catís hair is growing.

When you brush your cat, you should always avoid brushing his face and paws. If a cat doesnít equal to be brushed, you can still groom him using another matter. The grooming glove is an excellent alternative to the dispute, because most cats donít mind it at all. Starting out young is the key to grooming, as embodied bequeath get your cat used to brushing and grooming. Some cats that have today grooming when they were kittens grow to love it, many of which often look forward to their grooming time.

When brushing your cat, make sure that you check his ears, eyes, teeth, and claws. His eyes should be bright and clear with nothing residing in the corners. His ears should be clean, pink in color, and no sign of ear mites. Ear mites result from dirt built up in a catís ears, and guilt result in the ears shriveling maturity and your cat losing his hearing. Ear mites are very annoying for the cat, and hard for you as an owner to get rid of. The best way to get rid of them Ė is to ensure that your catís ears stay clean and healthy.

Each time you groom your cat, you should always aim to go a bit further with your examinations. When your cat remains still, you should always praise him and give him a exulting. If your cat doesnít cooperate and starts to struggle, you shouldnít fight with him, but instead charter him go and whirl the next day. Once your cat gets used to grooming he will look forward to it each and every day.




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